Welcome to the goofy martial arts world of Kung-Fu Sheep: Gold Rush!

Kung-Fu Sheep: Gold Rush is an exciting, free-to-play endless runner for Android and iOS. In the role of the titular hero, you must rush down a group of nefarious villains bent on robbery and revenge, and become the ultimate martial artist in the process. The controls are simple and the graphics colorful and cartoonish, but the game contains a surprising amount of substance and depth. There are coins and talismans to collect, bosses to defeat, minigames to master and extra levels to visit. This thrilling arcade game will surely baaa-low ewer mind!

The Hero | The Villains | Mini games | Environments | Upgrades | Dojos

Running poses


  • A likeable hero and a group of villains with personal motivations and vendettas.
  • Simple, intuitive controls enable plenty of depth and substance.
  • Auto-generated levels with multiple running lines and multiple environments, including clouds and underground.
  • The hero picks up several power-ups to help him combat the running course, like the Shield, the Double Coin and the Magnet. These come in handy when confronted with a multitude of obstacles. The wooly champion is also aided by special talismans, duration boosters and protection vests.  
  • There are 4 bosses, each with a custom-made, exciting minigame.
  • Running and jumping is only half the game! Kung-Fu Sheep contains several training buildings the player can develop and upgrade to gain score multipliers.
  • Plenty of belts to unlock, outfits to obtain and achievements to complete. Facebook integration and leaderboards also feature.

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