3b Enemy concept

The Dog: “I detest sheep. Growing up on a mountainside, I watched all the other dogs herd sheep, search for sheep, sleep with sheep. They almost didn't know how to bark anymore – they only baaa-rked! I was left on the wayside, alone, considered to be too much of a runt, too weak, too… sheepish to get involved. So one day I vowed to show everyone who's boss. I left the mountain and walked the way of the warrior. The journey taught me that the strong survive and the weak perish. I am strong. You are weak.”

3 Enemy concept

The Pig: “It is a well-documented fact that pigs count among the smartest life forms on planet Earth. So how come we’re kept in pigsties, forced to wallow in mud and shit, while sheep graze freely upon green meadows? No more! No more, I say! Using all forms of science, from mathematics to physics to chemistry, I shall free my kind and put the sheep in their place. From now on, you will have dirt for oink-ment, while we pigs hog the pastures. You should always know that you reap what you sow!”  

3c Enemy concept

The Rabbit: “As a child, I remember lying in dark, dank caves, shuddering at the thought of hounds, foxes, owls, people. And the terrible, terrible sheep! One day, my mommy took my brothers and sisters up to the field. When they fell asleep, a herd of sheep flocked to that exact spot and trampled them to death! I dedicated my life to becoming rich, developing a rabid sort of fu and avenging my family. I have drawn you into my trap by robbing peasants. Now have a taste of my vengeance, vile sheep!”

3a Enemy concept

The Cow: “Everyone thought I was a cow like all others, chewing grass and becoming fat for slaughter. They were all deceived: I was only using special bovine techniques to meditate and ascend to a higher plane of existence. From here, I can see how udderly pathetic you are, how insignificant everything is. I am omnipotent, omniscient. I take gold, knowing that gold does not exist. I take life, knowing that the living do not exist. That which does not exist, does not need gold and does not need life. Ommm-mooo!”